Todd Naber: Grain Exporter

Todd Naber buys and processes a variety of seeds and grains for export to the world market. He is the owner and operator of Naber Specialty Grains, a wholesale grain dealer located in Melfort, Saskatchewan.

The cropland of Saskatchewan, where most of the grains Todd Naber buys are produced, is divided into four areas. Crop yields can vary from area to area. Melfort is situated in Area 3. Sawfly, a serious pest for crops, can be a problem in this part of Saskatchewan. Drought is not as much of a problem in Area 3 as it is in other areas, particularly in the east.

At Naber Specialty Grains, Todd Naber buys lentils, peas, canary seed, canola, flax seed and oat products, which are processed at the Naber Specialty Grains facility. Todd Naber knows that his business is part of the backbone of Saskatchewan’s economy. The province has forty-four percent of Canada’s total cultivated farmland. A thriving Saskatchewan crops industry contributes to and benefits from the increasing local and global demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber. The newest agricultural economy to be developed is renewable biofuel production or agricultural biomass which is marketed as ethanol or biodiesel. At 251,718 square miles, Saskatchewan is nearly the size of Texas.

Todd Naber is a member of the Melfort Chamber of Commerce, and is licensed and bonded by the Canadian Grain Commission. The Canadian Grain Commission is a Canadian government department responsible for regulation of the grain handling industry. It is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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